Exam Day

 Exam Day
How will I know the exact location of my test center?
The exact location of your test center will be listed on your exam admission ticket. Learn more about test center locations and exam admission tickets.
How do I change my test center?
Follow the instructions on the test center change request page (login required). CFA Institute will grant such request if space is available.
Is there a dress code for the exams?
No. CFA Institute advises candidates to dress comfortably and in layers. Temperatures in the testing room should be comfortable; however, sometimes candidates get hot or cold during the exams. We also suggest that you wear soft-soled shoes to keep noise in the testing room to a minimum.
What is the CFA Institute contingency plan in the event of inclement weather?
CFA Institute will make every effort to administer the exam as scheduled. Please view the reservation of right to cancel policy.
What is the exam day schedule like?
Read about a typical exam day.
I have a medical condition that requires me to consume food at frequent intervals. Am I permitted to keep and eat snacks during the exam?
No. You are not permitted to eat or drink at your desk. Food and drinks must be left in the designated area away from the testing room and may be accessed during the lunch break only. If you have a medical condition (such as diabetes) that requires you to eat frequently, you may request an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (regardless of your nationality or where you’re taking the exam).

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