Sample and Mock Exams

 Sample and Mock Exams
What are the benefits of taking the sample and mock exams?
Sample and mock exams can provide a realistic assessment of your mastery of the CFA Program curriculum, and they provide valuable experience by mimicking the format and difficulty of the actual CFA exam. 

When are the sample and mock exams available and when should I take them?
You should take the sample exam after working through the complete curriculum at least once. Two sample exams at each level are typically available for approximately 12 weeks prior to the exam.
You should take the mock exam close to the actual exam date. One mock exam at each level is typically available approximately 30 days prior to the exam.

How up-to-date is the material on the sample and mock exams?
All material is directly sourced from the current CFA Program curriculum and presented in the same manner as actual CFA exam questions.

How are the sample and mock exams like the actual CFA exams?
Each exam is designed to reflect the question formats, topics, length, and level of difficulty that candidates will experience on the actual exam. Please note that the sample and mock exams are intended only as a representation of the actual exams and do not mirror all possible question types or formats. Performance on a sample or mock exam should not be used in any way to predict performance on the actual exam.

What do the "recommended" and "required" score fields in the sample exam results mean?
For our sample exams, the two mean the same. In general, the required score is what you need to pass, and the recommended score is what you need to be confident that you know the material. For the sample exam, we recommend a score of at least 70 percent to be able to make a statement that your study has been effective.

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